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I’ll Be Home For Christmas

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I’ll Be Home For Christmas performed by 98 Degrees

I’ll be home for Christmas
You can plan on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents on the tree

Christmas Eve will find me
Where the lovelight gleams
I’ll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams






























Green Village Reopens!

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As promised, the following is the background set up and a detailed account of my discovering of Green Village’s reopening. But please, do not let me over hype it for you. Go try the House Special Fried Rice yourself, and thencome back and read this. Green village is located next to that one Chinese BBQ place, between it and Venus Karaoke/AA Travel/that one Japanese bar across the street from the old Uwajimaya and kiddy corner to the new Uwaji.

Today, I was literally overjoyed when I pulled into Chinatown on my weekly visits to find that our beloved Green Village has reopened. In fact, I had really been going every Monday for many many months to check on the status of the restaurant. Many of its patrons, including Ray Lee, Heing, Kevin, and many other have waited patiently, or impatiently, for like a year for this lil shop to reopen. They musta put crack in their fried rice cuz without it, we were all like zombies blindly waiting for the next fix. People have actually left messages on their front door to ask when they would reopen. Blog threads have been made in various places on the internet, asking, conjecturing, and just blindly demanding to know when Green Village would reopen. Finally, today, I’ve discovered that it is. Oh what a glorious day.

When I got to the stop sign in front of Uwajimya, I immediately glanced toward the Green Village front door as part of my regular Monday routine. I had done this for a while, and man, it was frustrating. Every time I seem to almost give up hope and stop going to check, they would post up a new sign from inside. First it was a hand written note saying thanks to its patrons for their concerns and that they will one day reopen. Then months go by and after I again start to lose hope, I noticed that someone must’ve swept the floor and arranged the tables. People say I was just imagining that shit and it had always been like that. But it was enough to keep me going. Then about a month ago, they put up a legit looking typed out message that they will be reopening soon. But again, no date, and no real change. People were excited for a moment, but seeing as how nothing happened for months when the last sign got put up, people were skeptical that they will taste that bomb ass fried rice anytime soon. But today was different. Today, I got me some Green Village greasy ass fried rice!

I could hardly believe my eyes at the stop sign, that I saw the blue and red neon “Open” sign was lit. I said to myself. It’s still kinda far, I’m at a steep angle, maybe it’s the shop next to it, and I’m just seeing things. But as I navigate around the lots of people walking around that intersection during my lunch hour, my heart began to beat faster. Trying to keep my cool and trying not to hit anyone while I got one eye fixated on what I thought was Green Village’s “Open” sign, a big ass smile began to creep along my face as I realized that the day has come. The wait is over! Green Village is back in business!

And to top it off as I’m yelling YES! in my car like an idiot, I see that there is a single parking spot open on that block, and it’s the one right in the freakin front of the restaurant. I could hardly believe that the day has come, as I take out my iPhone and snap a picture from inside my car, only to realize while I’m doing it that I didn’t have Ray of Heing’s email in my iPhone and cuz there’s no picture messaging, I can’t send it to them right away. So I pay for the parking real quick as I emailed the image to myself, I slap my parking sticker on my window and dove into the restaurant.

Inside, I had the weirdest feeling. I really wasn’t sure if this was real. It was like if you accidentally walked into a secret VIP area in Vegas, not really suppose to be in there, but yet somehow you are (except this time there was actually something good inside). I don’t know how to describe it, I was ordering and I had all kinds of feelings. When I sat down to wait for my to go order, I began to see what I was feeling. I was honest to God, whole heartedly grateful that they were open again. I was genuinelyappreciative, that they would let me order their fried rice. And at the same time I felt a bit of fear. Fear that the lady might change her mind all of a sudden and close down the place before I could get my rice. You think I’m kidding but I really am not. The lady sounded like her former perky self but you could tell it was sorta weird for the poor lady. I really don’t know what happened to them that caused them to close for so long, and I’m truly sorry for whatever tragedy they may have gone through, but PLEASE just let me get the fried rice!

It was a surreal experience because it was also sorta empty at the lunch hour. Before their hiatus that place was jam packed with people and the line to order would be like 10-15 people long at any point during lunch hour. Yet there wasn’t a line today, and there were actually empty seats. There is not a doubt in my mind that it wasn’t that people didn’t like their food anymore, but just that no one knew that they were open once again. I bet by Wednesday at the very latest, the line would be out the door.

And then I heard the lady call me, “Your fried rice is ready.” I like jumped out of my chair and quickly went over to the counter to get it. As I was walking out of the restaurant, I noticed something odd about the way I was carrying the to go fried rice with hot and sour soup. I had no hands to open the door with. I saw that I was holding it like a running back would hold a football when he dives past the defensive line, one hand on the bottom, one hand on top to protect it. It was like I was scared that someone might jack me for the rice, and the restaurant would close down shop behind me. I manage to open the door with my elbow awkwardly and get in my car. Then I realized, I had been so caught up in getting the rice that I totally forgot to lock my doors at Chinatown. Granted I was like 10 feet away in broad daylight but still, it was Chinatown.

I rush back to the office and tear into the hot and sour soup. YUM! Delicious and just like the way I remember it. Those of you that know me know that I hate sour stuff, and me giving praise to anything sour is probably something amazing. This is that. But I guess you can say that their hot and sour soup is more like hot and salty soup and not so much sour and that’s why I like it. But whatever, it’s grrrrreat!

Then the rice, OOOOHHH the rice. At first when I opened the box, I was a tiny bit taken back. It wasn’t quite as shiny and greasy as I remembered it, but this may be good to some of you. Then I took a bite, and my, it was just the same. Maybe I just hadn’t seen it in so long that my mind thinks it was a lot greasier than it was to trick myself into not wanting it. Or maybe I had just over-hyped it too much. But I think the reason why is based on what I’ve heard from many Chinese people who make fried rice. You’re suppose to use rice that you cooked the day before. Something about it absorbing the oil and sauce better or something. I dunno, but I’ll chalk it up to that cuz it tastes the same. It would make sense if today was in fact the first day they reopened and haven’t cooked rice the day before. I dunno, but frankly, I don’t care. It’s back!

I was gonna take a picture with my iPhone and share the image with you all here, but I had the classic case of “can’t talk”. Back in the day, it was “can’t talk, Mario Kart.” Then “can’t talk, Gran Turismo.” But when Heing heard the news from this blog and called me on my office phone, I was basically, “Can’t talk, Green Village.” I had fully intended to only take a few bites before I take a picture, but then a few bites became half. Half became three quarters. Before I know it, there was nothing to take a picture of but an empty, greasy box. I was thoroughly happy with eating the whole thing before I realized I had forgotten to take the picture. Man that’s some bomb fried rice. Maybe I’ll go back tomorrow. We’ll see.

*Update- I wasn’t able to go back Tuesday and I barely managed to go today (Wednesday) due to a couple of weird work days (I doubt you care but you can ask me and I’ll tell you if you like), but I did go again today for the 2nd time in 3 days. This time, Heing, Ray Lee, and Anna Leung all went too. And yes, as I predicted there was a huge ass line today. Word got out quick. This time, I just managed to slow down for one second about 3/4 way through to snap this

If a picture is worth 1,000 words. The experience is probably worth like 10billion.

Breaking News!

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This has go to be, by far, the BEST Monday I’ve had since September 1, 2008 (the last non-working Monday) and quite possibly the best Monday I’ve had since January 7, 2008 (the last Monday that I was in H.K.)

The day started out with a bit of a disappointment. Seems like everyone and their moms were too busy to go to Endless Shrimp. And with today being the last day for this year’s Endless Shrimp, it looks like I will be missing it this year. However, I am elated and ecstatic to report that I am eating something that makes me go, ” endless shrimp what?”. We’ve been waiting like a year for this folks. And to top it off, I had the best possible parking spot on this most wonderful of Mondays (Picture taken from inside my car where I parked). 😀


It’s open.

(Check back later for a more in-depth review of my experience)