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Posted in Christmas, Food, Sports on December 22, 2008 by garyyfong

Paritally torn MCL or not, you know I CAN’T miss what could be the biggest snow in Seattle in years. I HAD to go play in it… thus after spending what was essentially Friday night- Sunday afternoon in bed, I went to snowboard in my Newcastle neighborhood. I hiked all the way up this one hill where my friend lives which I thought would be a decent hill to board on…

It seemed like at least a 15 min hike up the hill with a bad knee in snowboarding boots but I made it…

The result:
20ish seconds of “fun”.  I put fun in quotes cuz after coming down the hill I realized a fatal flaw in my logic in doing this. There is a reason why we all pay $50 or whatever for ski lift tickets. Any hill that’s steep enough to allow you to board down, probably isn’t worth the hike up. By the time I got up this hill I was tired as hell and sweating like a mofo. And it was barely steep enough for my to board down. Barely. I didn’t get good speed and had to really work to keep myself going :p

So after just one run, I went straight home, took a shower cuz I was sweating like I just played 2 basketball games,  made a bowl a ramen, and sat down to watch football.

Skittles: Limited Time Gary Christmas Edition

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I give you… Gary’s Christmas Edition Skittles…


It would’ve been almost full but I accidentally knocked it over when I was almost done sorting it and lost like 20%… 😦

Slightly Used DVD Sale!!!

Posted in Uncategorized on December 5, 2008 by garyyfong

*EDIT: Matrix Trilogy & X-Men Trilogy & I Am Legend added

As some of you may know, I have a pretty large DVD collection but now with blu-ray technology, I’ve come to the point where there are a lot of movies which I would like to switch to blu-ray format. So if you see anything on this list you like, feel free to contact me! All of these are in the original box and in great condition because I really do take good care of my DVDs. I think the prices are pretty fair as they are in like-new condition, but if you don’t think so, let me know maybe we can work something out (I’m most likely willing to exchange lunch for a bunch of these 🙂

So here are the DVDs I own that I would eventually like to have in blu-ray (prices on top)… *Disclaimer- All transactions are pending that I find that these movies exist in blu-ray format AND that I can actually purchase them.

Pirates of the Carr. 1-3
Matrix Trilogy set including Animatrix + Bonus Material

Mummy1+2+The Scorpion King set
Resident Evil 1-3
X-Men Trilogy set

Transformer 2-disc edition (with the “Optimus Prime robot DVD case)
Troy directors cut special edition (The one with the nice shiny box)
I Am Legend 2-disc edition
Red Cliff (Chinese)
Three Kingdoms- Resurrection of the Dragon (Chinese)

Fantastic 4- Silver Surfer
I Robot
Happy Feet
Moulin Rouge (don’t hate)

Last Samurai
Alexander (but only if I sell off the rest of my “epic” movies so I complete my blu-ray “epic” collection: Last Samurai, Gladiator, Bravehart, Troy, 300)
Ocean’s 13
Fast and Furious 1
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Speed 1
Minority Report
Lord of War

If you know of any movies that you know I have that are not on this list, I probably don’t really have a desire for them in blu-ray, but you can still try to ask me about them, I might cave.