Slightly Used DVD Sale!!!

*EDIT: Matrix Trilogy & X-Men Trilogy & I Am Legend added

As some of you may know, I have a pretty large DVD collection but now with blu-ray technology, I’ve come to the point where there are a lot of movies which I would like to switch to blu-ray format. So if you see anything on this list you like, feel free to contact me! All of these are in the original box and in great condition because I really do take good care of my DVDs. I think the prices are pretty fair as they are in like-new condition, but if you don’t think so, let me know maybe we can work something out (I’m most likely willing to exchange lunch for a bunch of these 🙂

So here are the DVDs I own that I would eventually like to have in blu-ray (prices on top)… *Disclaimer- All transactions are pending that I find that these movies exist in blu-ray format AND that I can actually purchase them.

Pirates of the Carr. 1-3
Matrix Trilogy set including Animatrix + Bonus Material

Mummy1+2+The Scorpion King set
Resident Evil 1-3
X-Men Trilogy set

Transformer 2-disc edition (with the “Optimus Prime robot DVD case)
Troy directors cut special edition (The one with the nice shiny box)
I Am Legend 2-disc edition
Red Cliff (Chinese)
Three Kingdoms- Resurrection of the Dragon (Chinese)

Fantastic 4- Silver Surfer
I Robot
Happy Feet
Moulin Rouge (don’t hate)

Last Samurai
Alexander (but only if I sell off the rest of my “epic” movies so I complete my blu-ray “epic” collection: Last Samurai, Gladiator, Bravehart, Troy, 300)
Ocean’s 13
Fast and Furious 1
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Speed 1
Minority Report
Lord of War

If you know of any movies that you know I have that are not on this list, I probably don’t really have a desire for them in blu-ray, but you can still try to ask me about them, I might cave.

One Response to “Slightly Used DVD Sale!!!”

  1. dude…i’m totally with you. if you’re looking to score cheap blu ray though, check out game stop. those taht still have them are doing 75% off PLUS buy 2, get 4 free 😉

    i did it when it was just buy 2, get 4 free and i have like…almost 50 😛 for maybe 100 or less?

    neways…yeah….i’m starting to give away dvds i’ve doubled up on 😛

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