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MGS4 Plot Hole? Please explain…

Posted in Uncategorized on January 16, 2009 by garyyfong

MGS4 was a really awesome game no matter what. Truly epic. I’ve played MGS2 and read up on the rest extensively. I’ve even bought the official MGS4 strategy guide AND downloaded the MGS database off the Playstation Store. But there’s still a plot hole that’s been seriously bugging me.


So where did the new FOXDIE come from? Did Drebin get him with it near the begining? We know he worked for the Patriots(AI) and Big Boss said the new FOXDIE is what kills him, Ocelot, and EVA… But how?

Ocelot fought hand to hand with Snake at the end of Act 3 in Europe. If Snake had the new FOXDIE, and it only took moments to kill EVA and Big Boss, wouldn’t Ocelot have died sometime during Shadow Moses at least?

Also, if the Patriots had used Snake to kill Big Boss, how does that make sense? The plot was that Ocelot and EVA tricked the Patriots into thinking the corpse that was burnt (which later we find is Solidus), WAS Big Boss. Why would they need to infect Snake with a newly engineered FOXDIE to kill Big Boss? And why did the Patriots make such a big fuss over Big Boss’s body while they didn’t care much that Solidus’s body was taken by EVA? They persumably knew she had it.

Still a great game tho, I’d just like an explaination cuz it’s buggin me.