Fantasy Football ’08

A new season is about to begin and the excitement and drama is back. But before it begins, let’s take a moment to recap how disastrous my ’08 draft turned out, particularly at quarterback. In my defense, it wasn’t a bad draft by me. It was the unlikely chances that all these unlikely events all happened to my team. I still did manage to climb back and ended up losing the championship game (that I later found I could have won).

Coming off a record setting career year with most of the offense returning, I used a late first round pick on non-other than Tom Brady. That worked out for about 5 mins into the ’08 season. If I recall correctly, my #1 pick earned me exactly 1 point the entire season.

It’s okay, cuz I have one of the best possible backups that start for many other teams, Carson Palmer! Oh wait… his arm was hurt and called it quits after like 4 games in the season.

I traded to get Brett Favre who was red hot early but unfortunately was barely a fizzle when I finally got him and stuck him into the starter slot.

I was fortunate enough to be able to grab Matt Schuab who was a legit starting quarterback putting up great numbers… until the week when I stuck him into the starter slot and he gets a season ending injury.

My first RB pick Lawerence Maroney also screwed me. Luckily I was smart enough to pick up Steve Slaton from free agency early in the season.

After all that I somehow get into the playoffs and made it to the championship game, which I later found I lost by like 4 points. Sad thing is tho I had Matt Cassel on the bench cuz he was playing in a blizzard and somehow still racked up beaucoup points that woulda won me the championship. Sadder thing is that this wasn’t what caused me the game. I couldn’t have known Cassel would do so well in a blizzard and it wouldn’t have made sense to start him before the game. What got me was me being too lazy to wake up early and check my roster Sunday morning before the games. Had I done so, I woulda seen that T.J. Housh decided not to play and score 0 points. Any of my other receivers would have gotten more than enough for me to win the championship. That’s a FML.

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