As some of you may know, besides the home teams (Sonics, Seahawks, Sounders), I’m a Laker and Yankee fan. This lands me a lot of “bandwagon” comments even though the people immediately around me for a long time know I’ve been a Laker and Yankee fan since high school and stuck with them during the times when they looked utterly awful.

So I’ve decided to compile a list of teams/players I’m a fan of that currently aren’t doing so well so in the future when they arise, I will have unequivocal proof that I’m not just “jumping on the bandwagon”.

New York Knicks
Scuderia Ferrari (F1)
Kimi Raikkonen
Matt Leinart
JaMarcus Russell
San Diego Chargers
UCLA – UW is #1, but IF, and I mean a BIG IF, I had to pick another Pac-10 team to root for it’d be UCLA.
Terrell Owens (He’s definitely on the decline, but his entertainment value gives him a mention here.)
Sasha Vujajic (no, I don’t believe he’ll ever be great in basketball, but he’s dating Maria. I’m a fan of that.)

Bonus: 2 teams that aren’t terribly good right now that will be real good soon but I will definitely not be rooting for…
Clippers & Thunder

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