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Semi-Annual Hong Kong Trip

Posted in Hong Kong, Travel on September 19, 2008 by garyyfong

So, as some people may know I was planning to go to HK again around this time. I had aimed for this next week mostly because I was hoping to catch a tour to Singapore next weekend from HK to go to the inaugural night Formula-1 race there. However, seeing as how my hero Kimi Raikkonen is all but out of the championship as he continues to struggle, and mainly because I haven’t been able to find any plane tickets of what I would consider reasonable pricing this time of year, it looks like this next week is not going to happen.

Last year, someone I knew said their parents got round trip tickets to HK for about $400, I was almost tempted to go for a weekend. But having just got back to Seattle in July, I decided to wait and eventually went in the winter time with some awesome friends. This year tho, the Olympics have jacked up the prices over the summer, and I think it’s still having a bad effect even now.

I’ve been keeping tabs with 2 travel agencies in Chinatown and they’ve so far quoted me $850 as the lowest price possible but that price is available from now until the 13th of December. That’s a $400+ difference from last year! Not that I’m not willing to pay $850 to go to HK, but I’m not trying to pay $850 to go in September. I’d rather pay a little more and go during December or at least wait to go over Thanksgiving to tie in 4 more extra days I can miss from work.

So in another words, I no longer have a timetable for this trip. It doesn’t really matter at all when I go so I will go whenever. Anyone trying to go to HK or Asia anytime in the near future?