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There is such a thing as TOO good

Posted in Formula 1, Sports, Travel on September 30, 2008 by garyyfong

It’s Monday, my most hated day of the week. I could complain about how tired I am. I could complain about how my fellow HS class of 2003, Dan, just turned 24 which reminds me that I’m getting older as well. I could complain about how summer has officially ended and we’ve got about 9+ months of gray, rain, and cold ahead of us. I could complain about how for the 3rd time in 4 weeks my favored fantasy football team got blown out due to different people under-performing. I could complain about how much I hate my job and that I’m ready to quit if it wasn’t for the economy being so bad that it’s tough finding a better job here or in Asia, effectively throwing a big wrench in my plan for the semi-annual HK trip. Lastly, after seeing this last weekend’s F1 race, I could complain about how my favorite driver once again ended with zero points along with my favorite team and thus making his chances at repeating his championship almost nil.

But surprisingly, I’m actually not too bummed by those things. Yeah, I’m most bummed about my job and my trip but I’ve still got time on that issue. The weather is still nice out which is holding my Seasonal Affective Disorder off for now. And as bad as bad fanatsy team was this week, I know with the players I have they won’t stay bad all year and I’m like 100% sure I’ll make the playoffs.

What’s got me so rattled is how AMAZING something was that I only witnessed through a video from the screen of my computer. Have you ever loved something so much it made you cry? How you ever needed something so bad you can’t sleep at night? I’ve experienced that feeling now. Knowing there is something so special and great but also knowing you can’t have it at all is the worst. The Formula 1 race this past weekend. It was SO awesome that it made me a bit sad that I wasn’t there to experience it first hand and I will never get that chance on this inaugural race again. Despite Raikkonen crashing out and Ferrari not scoring any points at all due to some bad breaks, I could not take my eyes off the race. It was that cool. The first F1 night race EVER set against a wildly amazing backdrop.  

With its similarities in the  skyline overlooking the water, the culture,climate, cleaniness, captialism, democracy,and even proximity to what is obviously one of my favorite cities (Hong Kong), Singapore had already been one of my favorite cities in the world after only going there once years ago. Watching this race taking place there tugged at the very core of my soul. Not being there for it all really rips my heart out.

Those pictures did not serve it any justice. If you are interested, do visit the following links to more pictures from the official F1 site. Those don’t serve it justice either. You should see the breathtaking shots they took in the video of the race. And I bet physically being there would have been even better by a 1,000-fold.

I felt a tingling sensation all over my skin seeing that amazing track at night. I’m not joking when I say I felt chills up and down my spine from the spectacle. AND I’M ONLY WATCHING IT ON A FREAKIN SCREEN!!! I can’t imagine how great I would have felt had I physically gone like I planned to (see previous post). I totally and utterly regret so much that I didn’t just go on my trip as planned. There is, afterall, such a thing as too good. So good that it makes you disappointed. My friend informed me after the race that the price for admission to the race ran $1200. And you know what my immediate thought was? ONLY 12 hundred? I would have paid double that on top of airfare,hotel, etc. now that I saw what it was like. The cars at night looked absolutely amazing. With the lights glaring off the fresh paint of every pinnacle of racing engineering machine streaking through the brightly lit track. The sparks flying off the titanium bottom of every car from the bumps of a street circuit.The excess fuel catching flame at the end of the exhaust. The action, drama, and excitement of a brilliant street race. And the whole atmosphere of a night race at a place like Singapore. Wow.

Unless one day there’s a night race in Hong Kong, this was the race I think I would’ve most wanted to go to EVER. The inaugural Singapore Formula 1 Night Grand Prix. The following ones in the upcoming years will never be the same as the first, but they are still already about as appealing to me as attending the Monaco Grand Prix would be.

Had I been the winning driver of that race, I KNOW, that even at my age as I am now, had I won the race and immediately dropped dead after getting the trophy, I KNOW I would’ve die a happy man with the biggest and most ridiculous smile you’ll ever see on my face.